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Rustic/Simple Country

The revival of the rustic look signifies a return to basic values – there is no room here for anything laminated or not natural. The rustic look is becoming ever more popular, and illustrates how newly made products can be used to create a delightfully old-fashioned space. A timeless look, the rustic style has a pared-down simplicity of line that blends perfectly with the latest kitchen fittings and equipment.

Simple country style is really traditional country that has embraced modern elements. It is epitomized by generous, open spaces, but there’s a dash of cutting-edge style evident in its leaner lines and the addition of some sophisticated elements, such as state-of-the-art appliances and gadgets. Combining a sense of warmth and comfort with innovation, the style juxtaposes traditional style and architectural features with modern professional materials like stainless steel, cast concrete and lava stone.