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Not so long ago, choosing a floor was as simple as deciding between tile and linoleum. While both of these traditional flooring favorites continue to have their fans, there are now more choices than ever before. There are many more choices of materials today than there were just a few years ago. New products such as laminate flooring and almost forgotten materials now enjoying a revival such as cork and linoleum have vastly expanded the possibilities.

Flooring may be roughly grouped into three categories. Non-resilient flooring includes ceramic tiles, stone and concrete. These materials have no “give” in them whatsoever. They make up for it by being about the most durable materials you can use. Resilient floorings include sheet vinyl and vinyl tile, linoleum and cork. They are more comfortable to walk on and do not retain cold like the more durable materials. Somewhere in between are wood and bamboo. These are not as hard as stone, tile and concrete, but not as resilient as vinyl and cork.






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